Visual Arts & Graphic Design

Our Company’s visual arts and design are rich, provocative, inspirational, diverse, focused, conceptual and creative. Lead by Dominique Rada through her DJ Rada Creative Arts initiative.

If we are inviting you to see our work, we give you something to be inspired about or to be aware of the subject presented…

Our Visual Arts exhibition presentations, projections, textiles and projects encompass a wide range of mediums with a focus in not only the creative outcome but also the collaborative process of art making and partnerships. Many of our work have a cultural development element to it encouraging: experimentation, thinking outside of the square, considerations of the culture in which the art is being made, and the purpose of why we are making it.

We are involved in: Exhibition; Festivals; Curatorial Projects; Workshops; Expressive Arts Therapy based projects and collaborating with other creative practioners and organisations such as musicians, photographers, film makers, documentary makers, dancers, acrobats, actors, spoken word etc. We are inspired to see where visual arts exists beyond the traditional 2D white cube environments and theatre backdrops. Through our art making, we consider the aspects of preserving culture and where its historical aesthetics exists in our contemporary context.

Our Graphic Design work includes creatives for commercial and performance art projects. We offer design for print, packaging, digital and websites for individuals, schools, companies and community organisations at affordable prices. We combine our arts with design therefore we extend our design services beyond the commercial arena. We offer assistance with digital projection and other mediums that exist in theatre, galleries, and outdoor presentations.

You are welcome to explore some of our past clients’ work which include: CD Covers | Posters, Brochures, Labels, Websitesprojections for theatre.

If you are looking for a graphic designer or if you an artist or organisation wishing to collaborate with us in creating or presenting visual arts together, give us a call.

Please contact:
Dominique Rada
Artistic Producer/Artist
P: +61 450394166

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