Sense, Frequency & Dance (SFD)

The universe is made of energies, and these energies exists through and around us. To develop them we need our SENSES, which is our perception. FREQUENCY is what you must be, on timing or accuracy and DANCE is a nonverbal communication movement.

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Sense, Frequency, Dance (SFD) is the perception that helps to show the nonverbal communication in a direct manner that breaks up unwanted inner and outer feeling of the body and soul.

SFD is arrived from combining traditional African dance movement within the practice of Dance Movement Therapy. Seidu Karfo uses his SFD approach in the process of creating new Afro Contemporary dances for various performances, and also teaches SFD as a healing tool. In many of Seidu’s dance and drumming workshops, aspects of SFD is mixed in with normal dance classes, as a way to assist participants to understand the real art of African dance and drumming.

SFD involves the application of traditional symbolism and movement in Ghanaian dance into a dance therapy model, with the understanding of frequency, intuition and right and left brain theories.

From a healing percpective, SFD  helps in the development of inner and outer healing. This kind of healing can constantly live within you for a long time if an individual believes in themselves and through the use of personal intuition, there are solutions to every problem or constraint.

From a creative process, by the use of the SFD tools in our dance creative pieces and within our workshops, it works with the universal energy, which exists through and around us.