3 Day Cultural Workshop @ EXA Ghana Journey 2014

Afro Dance & Creative Arts were invited by EXA Ghana Journey 2014 and Cross Cultural Collaborative from the US, to facilitate a 3 day traditional Ghanaian drumming, dance and culture workshop on the rituals and symbolisms of weddings, funerals and war through rhythm, song and dance.

EXA Ghana Journey is an Expressive Arts Therapy group directed by creative arts therapist Kate Donohue and supported by Aba from Cross Cultural Collaborative in Nungua, Ghana. The group explored the indigenous roots of expressive arts therapy through the Ghanaian arts and healing. This was a 2 weeks course. where by we conducted a 3 day workshop series and end performance in afro contemporary dance.

Dance Choreographer/Lecturer Seidu Mohammed Karfo lead the workshop through a series of lectures, demonstrations and practical workshops, using his SFD model, with the company’s group and its collaborative artists.

Please see our videos for a review this workshop.

To Read more about the participant’s experiences, refer to an article published in IEATA’s Ripening Seed Journal: The Harvest of Approaches in Expressive Arts Therapy, Edited by Kate T. Donohue, Ph.D., REAT.

Read more about this year’s EXA Ghana Journey 2016 coming up in August.

EXA Ghana workshop post images

EXA Ghana workshop post images