GhanaLife: A Cultural Reflection Exhibition

GhanaLife: A Cultural Reflection exhibition brought together established, emerging and creative youth from Ghana, USA, UK, Australia and Belgium. The aim was to evoke a sense of sharing, exchange of ideas, creative thinking and encourage the development of young creative talents. Most of all to recognise an active arts community that exists in Ghana and abroad. Through this community of artists and its program activities, artists are promoting and supporting each other’s creative pursuits, which is crucial in our challenging times today.

The exhibition was presented by a collaborative group:11884964_496039733898445_7488994664453734853_o
Cross-Cultural Collaborative (CCC), Afro Dance & Creative Arts (ADCA), The Centre for National Culture (CNC), Ghana Association of Visual Artists (GAVA) and Ghana Arts Teachers Association (GATA).

The artwork collection is a reflection of the artists’ experiences in relation to living, being, or experiencing Ghana for the first time or for a longtime – It’s people and environment.The creative works presented were in the form of photography, paintings, drawings, sculpture, textiles, and locally handmade paper creatives. What was revealed were humour; insights of the old being revived; rhythm and colour of the day-to-day domestic environment, the home; the streets; and the wonderment of the unknown seen in awe through the eyes of maybe a traveler or from the eye of a youth.

The exhibition was devised by Ellie Schimelman (Director of Cross Cultural Collaborative) and Dominique Rada to support a collective of creative minds and artists within Ghana and beyond its borders, to engage and collaborate together locally, no matter of age, race, gender or arts discipline.

The exhibition was programmed as part of GATA, GAVA and CNC’s “August Collaborators for August Visitors” program, which addressed the theme “Transforming the Creative Arts for Development through Integration and Collaboration”, that was presented at the Arts Centre throughout August 2015.

The audience were encouraged to actively participate in our full Exhibition Workshop Program that was facilitated at the Arts Centre and at Cross Cultural Collaborative’s cultural centre, Aba House, in Nungua. The workshops entailed Kite Making by artists from James Town Creativity Festival, Adinkra Print Making, Gift Box Making using handmade paper, African Drumming and dance with a cultural talk on symbolism and cultural rituals. The workshops were run by the exhibiting artists as a way for audience to further engage with the artists.

In supporting the artists and the community, all artwork and workshop sales went directly to the artists and an agreed percentage went to Cross Cultural Collaborative’s NGO educational program fund, to raise money to support the local youth of Nungua in covering their school fees and educational expenses.

The Exhibition

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Opening Ceremony Celebration
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The Catalogue:

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