About Us

An innovative company collaborating, creating & preserving African Culture in Traditional & Contemporary Dance, Performance, Visual Arts and Design.

Afro Dance & Creative Arts company comprises of all aspects of African performance arts, visual arts, design and craft. We believe in collaboration as a way to promote and preserve predominantly Ghanaian culture along other African cultures and presenting it in a contemporary context to ensure its relevance in our ever evolving world.

Our Missionis to create, through our projects, a platform for all cultural performers, dancers, percussionists, singers, visual artists and designers and other cultural genres to have a sense of belonging and collaboration. Such artists shall be recognised as members who may be seeking technical support, training, professional creative assistance or collaboration opportunities for personal artistic development.

Our Aim is to diversify our creative ideas and expand on what we already know and develop new ways of expressing by bringing in experimentation into new creative works, without letting go of our history and cultural roots

Co-founded by Seidu Mohammed Karfo and Dominique Rada, teaming together their independent art forms of African Dance and Visual Arts together in a collaborative process. Our project involve dance, drumming, visual arts exhibitions, installations, cultural community projects, expressive arts therapy, design and anything else in between that inspires us to be part of. We run workshops mainly in Ghana in all aspects of arts expression. We also facilitate cultural group tours for small groups and we also work with other organisations in partnership to facilitate cultural tours.

We achieve to maintain a philosophy of providing a platform that allows the collaboration and artistic development of the individual artists to show through in the creative projects that are produced. Our goal is to creating a platform for lovers of African culture to learn, acquire knowledge, educate and entertain through cultural and contemporary performances, exhibitions, art projects and design.

We need to cherish the African cultural heritage because that is the basis of our basic existence. As an African country, it is important that we recognize our routes and recognizing our roots means practicing our cultural heritage. By bringing in and collaborating with Western contemporary ideas and culture, it enhances further African’s heritage into the modern world, making it as important and relevant as before.

About the Co-Founders

Seidu solo1 Seidu Mohammed Karfo
Co-Director / Choreographer & Dancer

An accomplished professional Ghanaian Choreographer and Dancer with 24 years experience in traditional and contemporary dance performance in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Seidu brings in the African Dance aspect of this Company, working in partnership with Dominique Rada in creating, promoting, producing and co-ordinating events, workshops and performances in the field of dance. In addition to Seidu’s international dance performance experience, he brings into this Company his innovative choreography ideas and knowledge of Ghanaian cultural roots and history into his works. His critical thinking, analytical mind, creative decision making and problem solving contributes to the positive direction and strength of the Company.

Seidu started dancing in 1990 after being discovered at a local dance competition by Ghanaian Dance Champion (1995), Samuel Adjie Sowah. He joined the Dance Contractors, where he acquired immense skills in dance and choreography.

awardsIn 1998, he was invited to audition and successfully joined The Ghana National Dance Theatre‘s Dance Factory company. Here he polished his dance skills and developed his techniques under  Ghanaian Dance Champion (1995) Joseph Adjietey Sowah and Theatre Manager, Kokkor Amarteifio. After two years of joining the Company, Seidu progressed to became the Lead Dancer and Assistant Choreographer working with the Theatre’s choreographer Nii Yartey. He also worked with international guest choreographers Marcaline  Lartigue (France), Mark Sieczkarek (Germany) and Jose Calarco from the Australian Aboriginal company, Descendants Dance Theatre. He performed in Senegal, Nigeria, Morrocco and Germany, and had the opportunity to perform with some of Ghana’s and Africa’s leading international music industry names: Kojo Antwi, Daddy Lumba, Lord Kenya, Dasebre Gyaminah, Alpha Blondy, Mariam Makeba, Salif Kaita, Angelique Kidjo and Sonti to name a few.

In 2008, Seidu travelled to Israel where he worked as a Choreographer and Dancer for the group Nokoba, performing and facilitating African Dance workshops and had the opportunity to work with Guinean Master Drummer Mamady Keita during one of his tours. He worked for various popular music artist such as Eyal Golan, on his music video Jungle and Amiram Eini’s music video I Guess I Must Be Wrongwhich was created for a campaign for African Refugees.  Seidu was also introduced to dance therapy in Isreal, where he developed his SFD Model and successfully ran a number of popular adult and children workshops combining dance movement therapy with traditional African dance.

He is currently based in Melbourne, Australia developing contemporary and traditional dance workshops and performing. Seidu promotes and teaches informative African dance and drumming, centring his classes around his SFD Model, the symbolism and rituals of traditional Ghanaian dances, to schools and international visiting artists.

Dominique Rada
Co-Director / Artistic Producer & Visual ArtistsDom solo2

Is an established professional Australian-Chilean Visual Artist and Arts Producer with 10 years of artistic exhibition experience and creative cultural development project co-ordination and production, both in Australia and Ghana. Dominique works with her partner Seidu Mohammed Karfo in producing, co-ordinating and promoting Afro Dance and Creative Arts’ various projects. She also designs and creates her own artistic projects, under this Company and DJ Rada Creative Arts. She brings into the Company her practical business and marketing knowledge together with her creative and innovative ideas into its projects. From a younger age, Dominique had always been creative in her private life, mainly drawing, painting, and photography, and was a keen contemporary dancer and gymnast, but it was not until she finished her Business and Marketing degree and after working for 5 years in the field of website technology and graphic design, that she returned to studying to formally pursued her arts career in 2000 in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to her visual arts, Dominique connected to her Latin culture through her involvement in Latin dancing, which later lead her involvement and deep passion for West African Dance.

After completing her Diploma in Visual Arts at Swinburne University and Post Graduate Diploma in Visual Arts at the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts at Melbourne University in Australia (2009), she worked on establishing herself as a professional contemporary artist exhibiting various installations and collaborative conceptual art based projects. Since 2006 Dominique has exhibited a number of collaborative provocative visual arts projects, mainly working with artists from diverse artistic mediums ranging from musicians, digital artists, dancers and theatre performers. Her art explores ideas of cultural identity and connection, ethnicity, and migration. She positions her works that reflects ideas of where visual arts exists in a dialogue with performance arts. Her major works include: Glovesick, a collaboration with musician and sound artist Derek McCormack, shown as part Melbourne Fringe Festival 2006,  which later lead to another collaborative project Memory: Beyond the Mind (2008 – 2010), where she worked with 11 artists from Africa, Italy, and New Zealand. She was awarded with two Government grants from City of Melbourne and Victorian Multicultural Commission and was shown as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival 2010. In the same year, her collaborative video and sound installation, Langusa was shown as part of Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2010.

Whilst studying in Visual arts from 2008, Dominique was involved in working with arts organisations such as Footscray Community Arts and Multicultural Arts Victoria in the area of arts administration, and assisting in the co-ordination of various performances, cultural festivals and events (Black Harmony Gathering and Melbourne’s Emerge Festival), working with some of Australia’s leading multicultural artists.

Since 2010, Dominique has been involved in learning the Tye & Dye and Batik textile arts from local Ghanaian artists. In between living in Melbourne and travelling, she has lived and visited Ghana working with professional Ghanaian dancers, events managers and film producers on various projects, as an independent artist and through Afro Dance & Creative Arts company.

Dominique is currently based in Melbourne organising and planning collaborative projects in Melbourne and Ghana with Seidu as well as running her AKWAABA CORNER PROJECT collaborative work with other Ghanaian artists and community development facilitators.