African Dance & Drumming

Photo of Dancers

Through African dance and drumming, we create a platform for all cultural performers, dancers, percussionists, and singers to have a sense of belonging. We welcome all levels, from beginners to advanced stages. You just tell us what you need and we will accommodate.

Our Company perform and teach African drumming and dance, both traditional and contemporary. We have professional expertise in all regional Ghanian dances and also dances from other West African countries, through working with our collaborative artists of a high caliber. In everything we do and create, we use the connection between our mind, body and intuition. Our contemporary African dance technique is adopted from our traditional historical movements and rhythms infused with various Western models of dance.

Our workshops are based on not just learning the art of dance and drumming techniques, but we also encourage participants to develop and use their own intuition as their source of inner intelligence as a way to express artistically, in the same way we Africans have learnt to use our hereditary knowledge. Through African dance and drumming, our goal is to further develop creative and articulate beginners and professional artists who are proficient in technique, performance, theory, and critical analysis, and who are able to use dance to communicate their experiences, ideas and perceptions.

African Dance

African dance is much more than a dance style or technique. It is one of the most fundamental of African arts and culture, with gestures/movements involving direct expression from the mind through to the body. It is an expression from an African historical and cultural perspective. Traditionally dance was used to pass on historical events or for sacred rituals to call upon the ancestors, so every move has a significant meaning and certain movements go with particular drumming rhythms. Over time, with the Western influence in Africa, the two genres infused together. African contemporary dance still has a narrative and each of the movements has a purpose to communicate symbolically or to convey a story.

Through our Afro Trance Coaching studio, within Afro Dance and Creative Arts company, we use a model developed by Seidu Karfo called Sense, Frequency, Dance (SFD). This model essentially comes from various combined dance therapy movement theories. Dance therapy, as Seidu defines it, is the psychotherapeutic use of movement as a process which furthers the emotional, cognitive and physical integration of the individual.

Afro Trance Coaching is an improvisation of the ancient technique of African traditional and contemporary movement or dance. It is an intimate and powerful medium for coaching, as it is based on the creation that body and mind are interrelated. It adopts the means of using African traditional dance styles to develop one’s intuition, within contemporary dance. We do this through the SFD model.

Please go to our Sense, Frequency & Dance page for more information about this model.

Sense, Frequency, Dance (SFD) model is the perception that helps to show the nonverbal communication in a direct manner that breaks up unwanted inner and outer feeling of the body and soul.

As well as perform and entertain, we provide workshops in both traditional and contemporary African dance. We explore the history, stories, symbolism, rituals and social structures around the traditional Ghanaian dances and at the same time, gain modern professional skills – whether your interests lie on the stage, behind it, or elsewhere.When we teach contemporary African dance, the key is the connection between the mind, the body, and soul – then the actual body movement techniques.

Our workshops page outlines the dance classes we offer to cater to our needs.

African Drumming

African Drumming is the most commanding and important instrument used in all African community and ceremonial events. It has a language of its own which is learnt by griots and masters throughout their lives, a skill that is passed down from our ancestors and elders. In order to play African drums, you need to feel and hear the rhythm, as it is the heartbeat of everything. It tells the dancers when to move and how to move. We encourage participants to learn drumming by using the mind and our intuition. We explained the role of the drum, its language, its complex multilayered rhythms and the drummers’ role with the dancers in creating mood, ritual support and communicating stories that are traditionally passed down from our ancestors and elders. Many of the rhythms and dances are connected spiritually with our ancestors. We incorporate all these essential aspects in our drumming workshops tailored for beginners to the advanced level.

Our highly skilled master drummers have dedicated their whole life to perfecting the art of the Drum and are happy to pass their knowledge for everyone’s appreciation.

Please refer to our Workshops page for more details of what Drumming lessons we offer.

Our Mission

In everything we do, our mission is to:

  • Explore the beautiful cultural heritage that our Ancestors and Spiritual Guides have left for us
  • Develop and bring unity,harmony,joy, happiness and create a belief system were every one will be equal in all things.