Join Us for this year’s EXA Ghana Journeys 2016 Program !!!!

Join us and experience the rhythms and symbols of indigenous arts of Ghana in August this year. An inspiring indepth experiential residency initiated by Dr Kate Donohue, Expressive Arts Therapist. Imagine visiting a new country by participating in a deep immersion into its¬†indigenous arts, dance, music, and cultural symbolism, as well as meeting local contemporary artists and expressive arts therapists and teachers. This is the essence of Expressive Arts Cultural Journeys with Kate T. Donohue in collaboration with the great artists of that country.¬†Ghana offers an incredible array of indigenous visual arts,… Read More

GhanaLife: A Cultural Reflection Exhibition

GhanaLife: A Cultural Reflection exhibition brought together established, emerging and creative youth from Ghana, USA, UK, Australia and Belgium. The aim was to evoke a sense of sharing, exchange of ideas, creative thinking and encourage the development of young creative talents. Most of all to recognise an active arts community that exists in Ghana and abroad. Through this community of artists and its program activities, artists are promoting and supporting each other’s creative pursuits, which is crucial in our challenging times today. The exhibition was presented by a collaborative group: Cross-Cultural Collaborative… Read More

Dance: Harvest of The Gods (in Development)

Photo of Harvest of the Gods dance

Harvest of the Gods is our latest dance creative, which is currently in development.