Past Projects

Over the years, we have been involved in a number of projects before joining forces in the creation of Afro Dance and Creative Arts. The following is a collection of our work.

Past Projects by Afro Dance Coaching (Producer: Seidu M Karfo)

Eyal Golan Music Video
(Israel, 2009)

Seidu choreographed & danced for well known music artist, Eyal Golan’s music video “Jungle”.

Amiram Eini Music Video
(Israel, 2009)

Seidu danced and acted in Amiram Eini’s music video “I Guess I Must Be Wrong”.

Gustavo Productions TV Advertisement (Israel, 2009)

Seidu danced and acted in Gustavo Productions’s TV advertisment.

Past Projects by Dominique Rada

Barikoo Kumandiroo (2010)

This video was an installation as part of the Memory:Beyond the Mind Exhibition project. The video tells the story through Gambian Master Drummer and cultural keeper King Marong,of how the drum has a language and holds memory when he plays it. King explains the relationship between himself as the drummer and the instrument and the role it has in his community.

Langusa (2010)

A Spatial sound installation video of Mozambique musician Kobya Panguana revealing how memory is held in his tribal language of Rhonga. He tells us a childhood memory he experienced during the Apparteid in South Africa. The memory was provoked by the smell of Pedigree oil. The story is deliberatly not translated so that the audience is transcended to his world thorugh language.