Visual Arts & Design

Our Company is broader than African dance and drumming, with its visual arts and design aspect, giving a rich creative experience to our work. The visual arts and design part of our Company is lead by Dominique Rada through her DJ Rada Creative Arts initiative.

Visual Arts

Our visual arts comprises of exhibition presentations, projections, textiles and works encompassing a wide range of mediums. The art practice is sometimes conceptual and cultural development in nature, whereby the process of art making and collaboration with other artists is just as important as the visual outcome. In the process of making art, we have a deeper commitment in the impact that has on an individual’s development, whereby experimentation and thinking outside of the square is always sought. Most of our work is done through active collaborations both within Australia and Ghana, where I we have worked with musicians, dancers, sound and video artists.

You can read more about Dominique’s visual arts background in our About Us page and also see a gallery of artworks produced by DJ Rada Creative Arts on Facebook and video projections.

Some of major creative works include:

Graphic Design

We offer graphic design service for print, packaging, digital and websites for individuals, schools, companies and community organisations at affordable prices. We combine our arts with design therefore we extend our design services beyond the commercial arena. We also can assist with digital projection and other mediums that exist in theatre, galleries, and outdoor presentation.

You are welcome to explore some of our past clients’ work which include: CD Covers | Posters, Brochures, Labels, Websitesprojections for theatre.

If you are looking for a graphic designer or if you an artist or organisation wishing to collaborate with us in creating or presenting visual arts together, we are definitely interested in having a chat with you.

Please contact:
Dominique Rada
Artistic Producer/Artist
P: +61 450394166