Afro Dance & Creative Arts workshops are aimed to educate and provide opportunities for participants to have access to some of Ghana and other African rich cultural arts and history, through a sense of fun, practical guidance, and informative talks, so that students get a holistic experience in our creative arts.

We provide a range of workshops relating to African dance, drumming and visual arts, lead by our team of highly professional and skilled artists who possess a high level of knowledge in their field. Our aim is to teach the practical skills and share our culture as a way to preserve our rich history and the expressive arts. The workshops are open to beginners, the young and older groups, and professionals. We adopt an inclusive approach to our workshops, where everyone is invited to freely express and share in a creative way while learning.

We are available to provide workshops and talks for:

  • School Programs
  • Universities
  • Parties
  • Festivals; and
  • Cultural Events

We adapt our following programs to your needs. Seidu Karfo is a highly professional teacher with a wealth of knowledge in the Ghanaian culture of dance. He gained his experience while working with the Ghana National Dance Theatre’s Dance Factory company as a Principle Dancer and Assistant Choreographer. He has taught traditional African dance and contemporary dance in Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa. Our Company also collaborate with highly professional musicians to bring African drumming workshops an insightful experience.

Below are our workshops we are currently offering:

African Traditional and Contemporary Dance

You don’t have to be a professional dancer or experience in African dance to join our classes. Just bring your enthusiasm, open spirit to learn and have fun. We cater classes for beginners or advanced for children and adults. Seidu will take you through all the steps and his sense of fun and passion, will get you hooked!

We teach both traditional and contemporary African dance and even HipHop for children. Our contemporary dance workshops are based on African steps that have true meaning and can be recognized easily by the mind and transferred to the body in a perfect order. Seidu’s style of teaching comes from a dance therapy model approach, using his SFD approach, while at the same time, enjoying this art of expression.

Dance integrates the creative, intellectual, physical and emotive spheres and leads one to apprehend, understand, analyze and produce knowledge in a way unique among disciplines. The dance workshops have a great effect on the body and the mind. It especially develops the right brain, which controls our creative side. It also helps to achieve:

  • Flexibility
  • Cognition
  • Physical functioning and fitness
  • Burning calories
  • Inspirational health
  • Behavior
  • Shape
  • Confidence

Definitely for anyone who is looking for a fun way to keep fit as well as enjoy an invigorating cultural experience.

Seidu is an amazing teacher who brings his passion for his culture and art and explains history and meaning of the dances and movements. He brings his culture to you, so that you are able to experience the richness of the dances and make you feel inspired, energized and wanting more!

Dance workshop collage

African Drumming

Experience the rich authentic Ghanaian traditional drumming with its unique mutli-layered rhythms from all regions. You will also learn to sing along to some of Ghana’s beautiful songs. Our Master drummers are highly skilled in not only playing but also in teaching all levels and all age groups, so you will be offered with an in-depth understanding of the complex and provocative beats, calls and rhythms. Drumming is a great way to gather people into a unison community group and at the same time, very therapeutic for the soul, which helps in releasing stress and anxiety, while having fun!!

Feel free to view our Drumming workshop videos by going to our video section.

drumming drummng workshop collage

Sense Frequency Dance (SFD)

If you want to be in touch with your intuition and have a deeper understanding and connection to African dance, Seidu can take you on an inward journey with his SFD approach to dance. SFD is a dance movement therapy model that helps in connecting to your intuition, by working with your mind, body and soul in African dance.

SFD is the perception that helps to show the nonverbal communication in a direct manner that breaks up unwanted inner and outer feeling of the body and soul.

The universe is made of energies, and these energies exists through and around us. To develop them we need our SENSES, which is our perception. FREQUENCY is what you must be, on timing or accuracy and DANCE is a nonverbal communication movement.

Seidu uses his SFD approach to many of his choreography creations and in dance performance. Please refer to our SFD page to learn more about approaching dance in a different way.

Cultural Dance History & Symbolism

Want to know more about the history of traditional Ghanaian dances and their symbols? We offer Cultural talks to Universities, Schools and Dance therapy groups. Through Seidu’s previous extensive work with the Ghana National Dance Theatre and through his networks with cultural peers, he has gained a deep knowledge of the rituals, culture and symbols around many of Ghana’s rich dances. He is also a strong advocate in promoting and teaching Ghana’s dances in ensuring that the cultural heritage is maintained and also for his students to have some context knowledge of the dances he is teaching.

He can give talks with dance demonstrations, encouraging Q&A and community discussions. Please refer to our workshop videos to see some of his talks and presentations.

Adinkra Printing

Learn the ancient art of Adinkra printing. This is an inspiring 1/2 day hands-on workshop with David Boamah, Director of Adinkra Village in Ntonso.

Adinkra art is one of Ghana’s vibrant and ancient art forms developed by the Akan people. It involves printing Adinkra visual symbols on cloths by using the Aduro pigment, made from the bark of the Badie tree, and stamping the symbols using carved Calabash and wooden combs. The symbols themselves communicate messages that give wisdom, aspects of life and it’s environment to the people. David will be explaining the symbols to participants for their deeper understanding and appreciation. During the workshop, David talks about the Adinkra symbols, and how the dye is made.

The local artists 1

The instruction that followed so we could actively participate was superior. We all felt inspired, and wanted to exceed beyond our beginners’ status from your teacher’s encouragement and their joy in what they were sharing. We all laughed at our mistakes and wanted to keep learning. This was an inspiration to many of us who are also university or institute teachers.

– Kate Donohue, Ph.D. REAT (Co-creator of the EXA Ghana Journey 2014, USA)

We were fortunate and had the pleasure of having Seidu Karfo, the Director of (ADCA), Master Drummer Charles Konu, work with our staff at the school. They worked with the team for 3 days over 3 weeks to choreograph and teach our students two cultural dances and an acrobatic hip hop improvisation for our End of Season Performance. 80% of students have learning and mental behavioural challenges and physical special needs. We were impressed with Seidu and Charles’ professionalism in working independently with our school staff and students, as well as with their high calibre performance, cultural knowledge, dance and music skills, which they shared with us. They quickly identified the students’ personalities and talents, and lead them through the dance routines, delegating roles where every student was able to show their unique talents. through the choreographed dances, they really made each child shine on the night of the performance. It was through their high quality creative talents, empathy, observational skills and their genuine interest in bringing out the best in our students that made their dances and performance successful, producing a dynamic and colourful presentation in the presence of the Honourable Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Kwesi Amissah-Arthur. 

– Mandy Budge, Head of School (Multikids Academy Inclusive School, Ghana, 2013)